USPS OIG Estimates USPS Brand Value

Posted on February04, 2015
The United States Postal Service Office of Inspector General has released an estimation of brand valuation at $3.6 billion. This marks the first time the agency has conducted a formal brand valuation. The OIG used consulting firm Premier Quantitative Consulting (PQC) to assist in the valuation. In addition to conducting the valuation, PQC also "asserts there is still untapped value in the Postal Service brand and suggests ways the Postal Service can enhance some of its brand attributes." A brand…
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USPS OIG Finds Inefficiencies For Sunday Deliveries

Posted on December28, 2014
The United States Postal Service's Office of Inspector General released a report on the inefficiencies found in handling Sunday deliveries. Most of these deliveries are for major customer Amazon. The report found that policies and procedures were not enforced by supervisors. The OIG inspected 134 hubs that provided Sunday delivery and found that because of several inefficiencies, deliveries took 17,446 more hours than expected during a one month period. As the USPS begins to expand Sunday deliveries, these holes and…
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Will the US Postal Service Cut Costs by Cutting Jobs?

Posted on March30, 2010
The US Postal Service has a plan to eliminate the large deficit they are facing, and want to get in underway as soon as possible.  The cost-cutting plan will results in laying off thousands of front-line jobs.  "In addition to cutting one day a week from the delivery schedule, the proposal would eliminate the equivalent of 40,000 full- and part-time jobs, about 8% of the current workforce of 600,000. Officials said the changes would save the Postal Service a projected $3.3 billion…
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