Amtrak Bill Adds More IG Responsibility

Posted on March12, 2015
A new bill passed in the House of Representatives, the Passenger Rail Reform and Investment Act of 2015, clearly identifies the Amtrak Inspector General responsibilities "as it looks at Amtrak boarding procedures and provides a report on improvements." The bill will make it easier for the IG to consider boarding issues for passengers bringing on non-motorized transportation. In the past, Amtrak has fallen short in meeting ADA requirements. This bill encompasses wheel chair access as well as bicycles and other…
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DOE OIG Reports $21M Conference Spending

Posted on February20, 2015
The Department of Energy Office of Inspector General released a report citing extravagant spending by the department over the course of 16 months. An investigation of 300 Department of Energy conferences held from April 2013 to September 2014 turned up many social events that should not have taken place. According to the report, these events included "casino night, Super Bowl party, golf tournament, banquet on a dinner cruise boat, dinner at the NASCAR Hall of Fame, and a tour and…
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American Business Corporation (ABC) and Job Corps Report

Posted on June01, 2010
"The OIG found that placement outcomes reported by ABC for program years 2003 and 2004 were not reliable and a significant number of invalid placements were claimed. We found unsupported job and educational placements; inadequate documentation of compliance with Job Corps requirements; and confirmed cases of signature forgeries on educational placement verification forms. One of the reasons this occurred was that the procedures the Atlanta Regional Office used to monitor ABC placement activities were not effective and the placement verification processes had systemic weaknesses.…
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DHS IG Reports on Screening Process in Airports

Posted on April28, 2010
"Investigators found screening checkpoint vulnerabilities at eight out of eight airports they visited, according to the unclassified summary of a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Office of Inspector General (IG) report released today. The IG report says it made 8 recommendations to [Transportation Security Administration] and the agency agreed with seven and partially agreed with another."  (View the entire source) The Inspector General demonstrates trust that the report will have positive results and improve operations.
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