TIGTA Reports Hiring Problems at IRS

Posted on February09, 2015
The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration released a report criticizing the Internal Revenue Service for rehiring employees who had left the agency with performance and conduct issues. Over a three year period, 824 of the over 7,000 former employees rehired had been disciplined during past employment. The report found a disturbing trend "that one in five of the rehired employees with past problems had new conduct or performance issues during the period under review." According to the Office of…
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IRS hearing gets heated over hard drive crash

Posted on June27, 2014
Scrutiny and criticism of the IRS again surged Mon. night as the Treasury's inspector general embarked on a new investigation into thousands of lost e-mails. The Oversight Committee and, last week, the House Ways & Means Committee, called Koskinen to testify after the agency revealed it lost 2 years' worth of e-mails belonging to former IRS administrator Lois Lerner because of a 2011 computer hard drive crash. Read the entire article at WDIV Detroit
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IG Letter Undermines Claim IRS Also Targeted Progressive Groups

Posted on June28, 2013
A letter sent from the Treasury Inspector General to Representative Sandy Levin of MI will certainly undermine the argument that progressive organizations were subject to the same undue scrutiny as Tea Party groups. Everyone in Washington, D.C., agrees that the IRS' tax-exempt division shouldn't have singled out groups with the words "Tea Party" in their names for special scrutiny when considering their applications. Read the entire article at  The Wire.
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Gotcha Guide: 4 Types of Washington Investigations

Posted on May31, 2013
Most of what Americans know about their government's crimes, misdeeds and foul-ups comes from the government itself. Washington's investigation machine never quits. To view your government's most trusted and efficient case management & tracking system please view the CMTS link here.   Thousands of federal workers spend hundreds of millions of dollars a year checking up on their peers. And Congress is watching, too. The probes that go public , what happened at the Internal Revenue Service, or in Benghazi,…
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Inspector General May Conduct a Broader Audit on How the IRS Monitors 501(c)(4)s

Posted on May22, 2013
The inspector general already released one report on Tuesday following IRS admissions that it had inappropriately targeted conservative groups. That report sought to determine how the IRS had targeted those groups, and if it had delayed processing of applications or requested unnecessary information from them. The audit found that IRS employees who scrutinized groups with "tea party" or "patriots" in their names had temporarily stopped doing so after their actions were discovered by higher ups, but later reverted to the…
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