Amtrak Bill Adds More IG Responsibility

Posted on March12, 2015
A new bill passed in the House of Representatives, the Passenger Rail Reform and Investment Act of 2015, clearly identifies the Amtrak Inspector General responsibilities "as it looks at Amtrak boarding procedures and provides a report on improvements." The bill will make it easier for the IG to consider boarding issues for passengers bringing on non-motorized transportation. In the past, Amtrak has fallen short in meeting ADA requirements. This bill encompasses wheel chair access as well as bicycles and other…
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IG Investigates Baltimore’s Speed Camera Program

Posted on December10, 2014
Inspector General Robert H. Pearre Jr. has released a report accusing a former official in the mayor's office of inappropriate activity favoring a camera vendor for the speed camera program. The IG wrote that the mayor's former chief of staff "knowingly used the influence of his office to benefit the best interests of Xerox contrary to the interests of the city and taxpayers." The now defunct program is also being investigated by the City Council. It was discontinued in April…
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State Department inspector general issues alert over $6 billion in contracting money

Posted on May01, 2014
The warning was the second “management alert” in State Department history, both issued by new Inspector General Steve Linick. A series of special government and congressional investigations has identified widespread contracting fraud in both the State and Defense departments, especially in overseas expenditures. Read the entire article at The Washington Post  
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Gotcha Guide: 4 Types of Washington Investigations

Posted on May31, 2013
Most of what Americans know about their government's crimes, misdeeds and foul-ups comes from the government itself. Washington's investigation machine never quits. To view your government's most trusted and efficient case management & tracking system please view the CMTS link here.   Thousands of federal workers spend hundreds of millions of dollars a year checking up on their peers. And Congress is watching, too. The probes that go public , what happened at the Internal Revenue Service, or in Benghazi,…
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Detroit’s Inspector General’s office officially in operation to field complaints

Posted on February27, 2013
The city's Office of Inspector General — the agency charged with rooting out waste, abuse, fraud and corruption in city government — is officially in operation, officials said. The inspector general's office — which is supposed to ensure honesty and integrity in city government — is now operating at the Cadillac Tower in downtown Detroit. People can make complaints in person, through telephone or online. James Heath began work as the inspector general last summer. Since then, the office secured…
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Posted on January07, 2013
ROSE GILL HEARN, Commissioner of the New York City Department of Investigation (“DOI”), released today its 2012 annual report, highlighting a prolific year of significant investigations, financial recoveries, and arrests for the City’s anti-corruption agency. In 2012, DOI’s investigations reflected the agency’s unique and integral role within City government: protecting taxpayer funds, strengthening City procedures, and exposing and stopping corruption. The agency’s investigations also led to noteworthy convictions and sentences that delivered a definitive message of deterrence. In Calendar Year…
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Homeland Security Inspector General: ‘80 Percent Increase’ in Cross-Border Tunnels Since 2008

Posted on November09, 2012
In its final report on Customs and Border Protection’s strategy to address illicit cross-border tunnels issued Sept. 26, 2012, the Office of Inspector General for the Department of Homeland Security said there has been an 80 percent increase in the “tunnel activity” since 2008. “Since 1990, law enforcement officials have discovered more than 140 tunnels that have breached the U.S. border, with an 80 percent increase in tunnel activity occurring since 2008,” the report stated in its executive summary. Charles…
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