Inspector General Reports Massachusetts Lost $1 Million in Toll Revenue

Posted on April08, 2016
The Office of Inspector General reported that Massachusetts lost nearly $1 million in toll revenue because they allowed employees, and retirees of the Massachusetts DOT to pass through tollbooths without paying. The report stated that more than $985,000 was lost in toll revenue between Nov. 1, 2009 and Aug. 31, 2015. MassDOT employees, retirees and employees of other public agencies were given non-revenue transponders and paid Massachusetts Turnpike Authority cards to pass through toll plazas without paying. Jack Meyers, senior…
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New Inspector General Joins The Air Force Reserve Command

Posted on January28, 2016
The Air Force Reserve Command sworn in a new Inspector General on January 16, 2016. The new Inspector General is Brigadier General Allan L. Swartzmiller and he will be replacing Brigadier General John. J. Mooney Hailing from Chesaning, Michigan, Swartzmiller is responsible for advising the command's leadership on how to optimize resources and enhance mission effectiveness by upholding standards and influencing positive change. He also ensures the existence of responsive inquiry and complaint resolution characterized by objectivity, integrity, and impartiality. Read More: Dobbins…
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According to the NRC IG, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Network Poses High Risk of Being Hacked

Posted on January15, 2016
According to a federal report released recently by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Inspector General, the computer networks used by the NRC could possibility be hacked as a result of the insufficient organization among the Security Operations Center. NRC staffers told the inspector general that the SOC “does not meet agency needs” and singled out a lack of proactive analyses and timely, detailed reports that could otherwise provide the information necessary to keep its networks properly protected. In the meantime,…
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GSA’s Office of Inspector General Could Save Taxpayers $1.3 Billion in Fiscal 2015

Posted on December03, 2015
According to the IG's annual report to Congress, GSA’s Office of Inspector General could possibly save taxpayers $1.3 billion in 2015 if they adopt their recommendations. The report, released on Nov. 30, chronicles the OIG’s actions from April 1 to Sept. 30, including audits, investigations and fund recoveries. It also identified $135 million in criminal and civil recovery for the period, with another $30 million coming from administrative recoveries, forfeitures and restitution payments. The Office of Inspector General also addressed audits…
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Justice Department IG Investigates Benefits Given to Informants

Posted on July28, 2015
The Justice Department Office of Inspector General investigated the controls used when the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) paid informants. Inspector General Michael Horowitz's office reported drug traffickers who cooperated with federal investigators "were under criminal investigation by other authorities." Another problem uncovered was the ability of some of the informants or dependents to receive workers' compensation benefits with only "questionable qualifications." The investigation found that there was no formal review of informants and many continued in criminal activity. "A committee…
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New Bill Could Help U.S. Postal Service

Posted on July14, 2015
Senator Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) sponsored a new bill that will help the U.S. Postal Service "meet the needs of rural customers." A recent report by the U.S. Postal Service Inspector General found that "the Postal Service in North Dakota rarely met national service standards." The main complaint from the report is that rural carriers are being overworked due to cutbacks. The new bill proposes guaranteed six-days of delivery per week, as well as maintaining the current processing plants in North…
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GSA Acting IG Pleased with Judge’s Decision Following Scandal

Posted on July06, 2015
The employee who planned an expensive Las Vegas training conference for the General Services Administration in 2012 was sentenced to home confinement and fines. Jeff Neely planned the conference, spending $822,000 for 300 people. Soon after the conference, photos surfaced of Neely in a hotel hot tub and an investigation was initiated. Prior to the conference, Neely had also submitted fraudulent travel vouchers. Seven GSA executives have already lost their jobs as a result of the investigation. Robert C. Erickson,…
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Activng VA IG Retires Amid Growing Controversy

Posted on July04, 2015
Richard Griffin, the acting Inspector General for the Veterans Affairs Department, is retiring effective July 4. The VA OIG has been under scrutiny after recent reports of tampering with investigations and not investigating whistleblower claims. Griffin will be temporarily replaced by Linda Halliday, assistant inspector general for audits and evaluations. Many people inside and outside the VA have called for Griffin to be fired and for President Obama to appoint a permanent VA inspector general. Danielle Brian from the Project…
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EPA IG Finds Fault in Agency’s Asbestos Guidelines

Posted on June18, 2015
A report recently released by the Environmental Protections Agency Office of the Inspector General finds that current guidelines for the EPA's Asbestos Demolition Standard allow "the release of potentially harmful quantities of asbestos." The OIG says that the current policy, which was established in 1973, needs to be updated to include the possible contamination from runoff wastewater containing asbestos. The current policy only requires that "asbestos-containing materials were well-soaked to prevent the fibers from becoming airborne during the demolition process."…
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President Nominates Permanent IG at Dept of Interior

Posted on June05, 2015
Just days after members of the House of Representatives sent a letter to the President about the vacancy of a permanent inspector general at the Department of Interior, the President nominated the current interim IG to the position. Mary Kendall has been the interim IG since 2009 when the IG was promoted by President Obama. The nomination is not without critics. Republicans on the House Natural Resources Committee investigated mismanagement in 2013. "The GOP's report accused Kendall of not investigating…
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