Home-Health Agency Owners Indicted For Stealing $13 Million From Medicare

Posted on November12, 2015
The owners, the director of nursing of patient recruiters of a home-health agency based in Houston were arrested this morning for their alleged roles in conspiracies to defraud Medicare, to pay illegal healthcare kickbacks and to commit money laundering.  The defendants were charged in an indictment unsealed on November 10, 2015. According to the indictment, Ebong Tilong, 51, and Marie Neba, 51, both of Sugar Land, Texas, used the Texas-based, home-health agency that they owned to bill Medicare for home-health services…
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U.S. Special Inspector Reported: The Pentagon Spent $43 Million on $500,000 Gas Station in Afghanistan

Posted on November02, 2015
The Pentagon “charged the American taxpayers $43 million for what is likely to be the world’s most expensive gas station,” said John Sopko, head of the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, a congressionally mandated body. The amount was spent between 2011 and 2014 on construction and initial implementation of the station. The gas station in Sheberghan, Afghanistan opened in 2012 and was created to show that compressed natural gas could be used in Afghanistan in cars effectively. However, the…
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Amtrak Bill Adds More IG Responsibility

Posted on March12, 2015
A new bill passed in the House of Representatives, the Passenger Rail Reform and Investment Act of 2015, clearly identifies the Amtrak Inspector General responsibilities "as it looks at Amtrak boarding procedures and provides a report on improvements." The bill will make it easier for the IG to consider boarding issues for passengers bringing on non-motorized transportation. In the past, Amtrak has fallen short in meeting ADA requirements. This bill encompasses wheel chair access as well as bicycles and other…
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IG appointments get changed by Senate

Posted on May19, 2010
This article reads: "WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) - The Senate late Tuesday approved a measure that would void a provision in a sweeping bank reform bill requiring the inspector generals at five government financial agencies be presidentially appointed. The measure, which passed by a vote of 75 to 21, partially restores the existing system where inspector generals are appointed by top agency officials. However, the measure makes some changes. Agencies with bipartisan boards or commissions, inspector generals would be appointed by the…
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OIGs want case management system while being cost-conscious

Posted on May13, 2010
The Case Management and Tracking Systems (CMTS) was developed to provide a comprehensive and customizable method for tracking Office of Inspector General (OIG) cases.  In today's organizations, whether they are large, medium or small, are very budget conscious.  Would you like an idea of a cost-benefit ratio that would help prove that using the Case Management and Tracking System represents an opportunity to be good stewards of tax payer's dollars?  Some of those investment benefits are listed here. The Case…
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IG Letter Provokes Canceled Bid Process in New Orleans

Posted on March25, 2010
Read about the city of New Orleans Inspector General and the part they played in revealing issues with the local government awarding contracts through a bidding process.  Source: Fox 8 Story
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