Inspector General Reports Massachusetts Lost $1 Million in Toll Revenue

Posted on April08, 2016
The Office of Inspector General reported that Massachusetts lost nearly $1 million in toll revenue because they allowed employees, and retirees of the Massachusetts DOT to pass through tollbooths without paying. The report stated that more than $985,000 was lost in toll revenue between Nov. 1, 2009 and Aug. 31, 2015. MassDOT employees, retirees and employees of other public agencies were given non-revenue transponders and paid Massachusetts Turnpike Authority cards to pass through toll plazas without paying. Jack Meyers, senior…
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OIG Found That DOT Didn’t Conduct Annual Contingency Plan Testing

Posted on March18, 2016
According to the OIG, they found that the disaster recovery plans used for the U.S. Department of Transportation were not in compliance with their own policies. This new audit by the DOT's Inspector General's office examined the disaster recovery plans for DOT agencies' information systems. Effective disaster recovery planning is critical to maintain more than 450 information systems currently used by the department. In addition, the DOT agencies have not all effectively tested their plans to ensure they will work…
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Senators Approve of Independence for Inspector General’s in Virgin Islands

Posted on November24, 2015
Members of the Committee on Government Services, Consumer and Veterans Affairs gathered on November 18th, 2015 to discuss multiple measures, including bill no. 31-0014, sponsored by Senator Clifford Graham and co-sponsored by Senators Sammuel Sanes and Nereida Rivera-O‚ÄôReilly, that aims to add more legitimacy to the Office of the Inspector General by untying it from the executive branch. This bill was brought forward because the IG's budget in the Virgin Islands has dwindled down to $2 million for fiscal year…
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OIG Considers Completion of a National Rail Plan and State Ability to Improve Bridges Top USDOT Priorities

Posted on March15, 2013
The U.S. Department of Transportation should focus its efforts heavily on completing a National Rail Plan (NRP) and reporting to stakeholders how effective states are in their efforts to improve deficient bridges across the nation, according to the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) of the USDOT. The recommendations were outlined in a report identifying OIG's top 10 recommendations for the department in the current year. OIG outlined the completion of an NRP as a high priority due to its…
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