President Nominates Permanent IG at Dept of Interior

Posted on June05, 2015
Just days after members of the House of Representatives sent a letter to the President about the vacancy of a permanent inspector general at the Department of Interior, the President nominated the current interim IG to the position. Mary Kendall has been the interim IG since 2009 when the IG was promoted by President Obama. The nomination is not without critics. Republicans on the House Natural Resources Committee investigated mismanagement in 2013. "The GOP's report accused Kendall of not investigating…
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Inspector General Finds Problems Remain In Oil & Gas Leasing

Posted on July15, 2014
Late last month the Office of Inspector General for the U.S. Department of Interior issued a twenty 7 page report outlining continuing issues with the onshore oil and gas leasing process administered by the Bureau of Land Management. The wide variation in approving APDs at BLM offices varies widely, ranging from 37 days in Anchorage, Alaska to 328 days in Buffalo, Wyoming. Read the entire article at Fairfield Sun Times
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