Former Legislative Inspector General to Head Project Six

Posted on June03, 2016
The former Chicago City Council Inspector General, Faisal Khan, is back in the investigative seat. He served as City Council's Legislative watchdog and is now heading up Project Six, a new government monitoring organization. Project Six describes itself as an "independent, non-profit organization dedicated to investigating, exposing and ending government corruption in Chicago and across Illinois." It was initiated by and is affiliated with the libertarian-leaning think tank Illinois Policy Institute, an organization that has received more than $500,000 from…
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Amtrak Bill Adds More IG Responsibility

Posted on March12, 2015
A new bill passed in the House of Representatives, the Passenger Rail Reform and Investment Act of 2015, clearly identifies the Amtrak Inspector General responsibilities "as it looks at Amtrak boarding procedures and provides a report on improvements." The bill will make it easier for the IG to consider boarding issues for passengers bringing on non-motorized transportation. In the past, Amtrak has fallen short in meeting ADA requirements. This bill encompasses wheel chair access as well as bicycles and other…
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Chicago Public Schools IG Uncovers $870K Fraud

Posted on January06, 2015
Newly appointed Inspector General for the Chicago Public Schools, Nicholas Schuler realeased the district's annual report. Investigations revealed a billing scheme that netted a former employee over $870,000. The employee had assistance from vendors and business owners who created false invoices and multiple companies to cover the fraud. While the OIG focused on the billing fraud, the report also lists attendance policy issues, drop out rate cover ups, and other misconduct at individual schools. Schuler recommended implementing more consistent policies…
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Chicago Public Schools Board of Education Announces new IG

Posted on December19, 2014
Nicholas J. Schuler Jr. was formally appointed as the new inspector general for Chicago Public Schools on December 8, 2014. Prior to the appointment, he served as deputy inspector general since 2010 and interim inspector general since June 2014. School board President David Vitale said, "Since joining the Office of Inspector General in 2010, Nick Schuler has dedicated himself to ensuring integrity in Chicago Public Schools by conducting thorough investigations into allegations of waste, fraud and financial mismanagement." His first…
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IG says Chicago wasting millions on garbage collection freebie

Posted on June26, 2014
Chicago’s Department of Streets and Sanitation is spending millions of dollars to provide free garbage collection to multiunit residential buildings no longer eligible for the perk and to nonprofits whose garbage freebie was never authorized, the city’s inspector general concluded Monday. In his latest audit, Inspector General Joe Ferguson set out to determine whether buildings benefiting from the free garbage collection perk were still authorized to receive it. Read the entire article at The Chicago Sun-Times
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Inspector probes possible ‘turnaround’ conflict

Posted on May19, 2014
The CPS inspector general is investigating whether alleged conflicts of interest should have prevented 2 Board of Education members from voting to “turn around” 3 struggling Chicago schools. Azcoitia, appointed to the board in Dec. 2012, voted last May to reconstitute 5 elementary schools and turn them over to AUSL, according to Board records. Read the entire article at The Chicago Sun-Times
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What is Rahmshaming in the Chicago Inspector General Office

Posted on April24, 2013
If City Hall's inspector general can't get City Hall to cough up the records needed to investigate suspected wrongdoing at City Hall, what recourse does he have? Why, he can take it up with the guy who runs City Hall. That's the wholly unsatisfactory resolution of a six-year legal battle decided last month by the Illinois Supreme Court — to the great frustration of Inspector General Joe Ferguson, who still wants those documents. Heeding the court's ruling, Ferguson asked Mayor…
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Illinois State Supreme Court Rules With Mayor’s Office Against Chicago Inspector General

Posted on March26, 2013
The officer charged with ferreting out injustice in city government ultimately answers to the mayor when it comes to enforcing his subpoenas, the state’s highest court ruled this week, even when his investigation involves the mayor’s office. Inspector General Joe Ferguson blasted the Illinois Supreme Court’s unanimous decision. “With today's ruling,” he said in a statement, “the public and the City Council should now know that the Inspector General office has access only to the records and materials the mayor…
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Diluted Emanuel Ethics Proposal Finally Gets Nod In Chicago

Posted on February12, 2013
Chicago aldermen on Monday endorsed Mayor Rahm Emanuel's proposed changes to city ethics rules, but only after the mayor watered down his proposal three times to satisfy City Council members who said they were wary of false complaints. Under the proposal now set for routine approval Wednesday, the legislative inspector general would not be able to investigate anonymous complaints against aldermen or their staff members — as the city's executive inspector general can do in the case of the mayor…
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Fraud & Abuse in Chicago Construction Contracts

Posted on May21, 2010
"An investigation has uncovered fraud and abuse in a Chicago program aimed at helping minority-owned businesses. The Office of the Inspector General of Chicago found the number of construction contracts for minority and women owned businesses were over reported by the city in 2008. That means minority businesses got $19 million less than what they were supposed to get. The report says that could mean a loss of as much as $400 million since 1995. The inspector general says fraud,…
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