New case management technology for investigating & reporting fraud, waste and abuse

Posted on October22, 2012
Recent innovation in technology has brought tremendous success in local, state and federal government investigative agencies in recovering millions of dollars from reported fraud, waste and abuse. Whether the organization is an Office of the Inspector General or a dedicated group of investigative departments such as an Office of Attorney General or a Health and Human Services division, most often dealing with Medicaid or Welfare, superior web-based case management technology has brought greater efficiency in capturing much needed funds that…
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Case Management Software of 2011

Posted on February03, 2011
Case Management & Tracking System (CMTS) was designed with a small-medium sized OIG’s budget and work flow in mind. At the very least, it does just as the product name implies by managing records and tracking cases. Investigative organizations are able to achieve optimal performance by leveraging the web-based product. It performs with minimal hardware, top of the line security and data integrity. Based on the feedback and requests from the users of CMTS v2010, CMTS developers have integrated new…
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Case Tracking Software Catered to Inspector Generals

Posted on January11, 2011
Case Management & Tracking System, CMTS, is an intuitive case management product specifically designed for Office of the Inspector General organizations.  It provides affordable investigative efficiency to OIGs at all levels. CMTS costs as little as $15,000 and is currently in place in multiple offices of inspector general.  It is the preferred alternative to outdated techniques of manual case management and more expensive competitor offerings.  An ideal customer is a small to medium sized agency that is in need of…
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