OIG Report, NASA Can Still Improve Their Risk Assessment Process to Identify Improper Payments

Posted on May13, 2016
NASA's Office of Inspector General reports that NASA has met all the appropriate Office of Management and Budget (OMB) criteria for the ACT of fiscal year 2015. However, there is still belief that the agency can improve it's risk assessment process to help detect improper payments. In fiscal year (FY) 2015, the Federal Government made an estimated $137 billion in improper payments to individuals, organizations, and contractors, an increase of approximately $12 billion from FY 2014. An improper payment is…
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OIG Found That DOT Didn’t Conduct Annual Contingency Plan Testing

Posted on March18, 2016
According to the OIG, they found that the disaster recovery plans used for the U.S. Department of Transportation were not in compliance with their own policies. This new audit by the DOT's Inspector General's office examined the disaster recovery plans for DOT agencies' information systems. Effective disaster recovery planning is critical to maintain more than 450 information systems currently used by the department. In addition, the DOT agencies have not all effectively tested their plans to ensure they will work…
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Inspector General Report Reveals Security Issues with U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Posted on February19, 2016
Inspectors visited U.S. Customs and Border Protection's facilities located on the Southwest border and found several security issues. They investigated seven of the 11 facilities, known as “Forward Operating Bases,” in the El Paso, Rio Grande Valley and Tucson regions. Three of the 11 were not operational at the time of the inspection. Six of the seven facilities had security lapses, such as inoperable cameras as well as ongoing challenges with providing safe drinking water to personnel. One of the…
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OIG Found That FAA Still Lacks Oversight With $859 Million Air Traffic Control Contract

Posted on January08, 2016
The Federal Air Administration's inspector general told the FAA to improve their oversight of spending related to the $859 million air traffic control contract. The contact was awarded to Raytheon in 2008 to help them reach their goal of hiring 11,000 new air traffic controllers by 2021. But the oversight of the contract was lacking in 2013, noting that the agency had spent $46 million in the first two years of the contract without the program hitting its training goals. In December 2013,…
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Investigation into $70 Million in Overdue Mine Safety Fines

Posted on May18, 2015
The Labor Department Inspector General is conducting an audit of the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) following the circulation of a NPR and Mine Safety and Health News series. The series "reported failure of federal regulators to collect nearly $70 million in overdue safety fines. Most are two to 10 years late; some go back decades." In addition to breaking down the number of delinquent mine owners violations, the series found that the injury rate was 50% higher at…
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DoD IG to Reissue Marine Corps Audit

Posted on March27, 2015
The Marine Corps received a clean financial audit at the end of 2013 covering 2012 from the Defense Department Inspector General. This was the first time a military service had passed the IG audit. The audit is being modified based on additional information regarding "U.S. Treasury suspense accounts that temporarily hold transactions so they do not reflect against a valid appropriation." Whether this information will negatively impact the audit remains to be seen, but there were Marine transactions in these…
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EPA OIG Finds Human Resource Faults Within Own Office

Posted on February11, 2015
The Environmental Protection Agency Office of Inspector General released a report citing cracks in the hiring and payroll practices. The two major problems uncovered were that managers did not "verify the employment history or references of job candidates and hasn't always followed internal overtime policies or guidelines for reporting time and attendance." Unchecked backgrounds could result in the hiring of less than qualified candidates, or candidates with a history of deception. The report recommended that the office "require verification of…
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HHS OIG Recovers Nearly $5 Billion in 2014

Posted on December22, 2014
America's taxpayers are expected to see $4.9 billion in improperly spent Federal health care dollars returned to the Government from oversight and investigations conducted this year by the Office of Inspector General (OIG) of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), according to a report issued this month. The $4.9 billion in expected recoveries for FY 2014 consist of nearly $834.7 million in program audits and about $4.1 billion in investigative work - which includes about $1.1 billion in…
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State IG closes probe into former Manatee school officials

Posted on July03, 2014
The financial activities of the Manatee County School District's former senior leadership team doesn't warrant further investigation, according to the Office of the Inspector General. The letter, signed by Inspector General Mike Blackburn, states district officials can contact him if more evidence is found or new allegations arise. Read the entire story at Bradenton Herald
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Desire Street Ministries project dinged by federal inspector general

Posted on July02, 2014
Upended by Hurricane Katrina, Desire Street Ministries hoped it could return to New Orleans through the aid of a $10.1 million federal disaster grant it received in 2009. With that money, the nonprofit has plans to build a "community wellness center" where its school once stood on Desire Parkway. Desire Street so far has only spent $1.8 million of its $10.1 million grant. Read entire article at The Times-Picayune
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