CMTS: Case Management & Tracking System

Please visit the official sponsor of Inspector General News, Case Management & Tracking System with this link to their website. A Video Quick Tour is available here at this link.

Track and manage your data through the entire case life-cycle.

Configure robust features and reports to fit your organization.

Increase efficiency, maintain affordability.

CMTS is on the GSA Schedule Inspector General News updates fraud, waste and abuse professionals on the Office of Inspector General community. Here you will find a wide range of relevant IG news, which will consolidate your time in viewing relevant information in one specific location.  Comments are always encouraged and thanks for visiting!  We have found that it is difficult to find current IG news, much less all located in one place on the web.  Please visit our LinkedIn Groups page at and sign up for a complimentary membership to access immediate updates to help uncover fraud, waste and abuse! WingSwept, a North Carolina based IT consulting firm, produced this blog in order to provide a helpful resource to our loyal government customers and the OIG community.  WingSwept is a veteran-owned technology company that can help you do more with less through our Case Management & Tracking System, specifically designed for the Office of Inspector General community. The Case Management & Tracking System makes it possible for auditors and investigators to handle data for thousands of cases quickly and efficiently.  Accessible through your Web browser with a minimal software download, the system is easily supported by either our staff or your existing systems administrators. Are you looking for a leap in case management technology?  Are you struggling to get your manual case files to a state-of-the-art electronic management level?  Our Case Management & Tracking System may be the answer.  The Case Management & Tracking System (CMTS) has been providing the Federal investigative community a very robust and flexible case tracking software since 2004. CMTS now has an expanded client base to include Federal, State and Local investigative organizations. The industry-specific software offers affordable investigative efficiency through a configurable web-based reporting solution. The latest version allows each agency to configure dropdown windows to match their individual organizational workflow and business rules, at a much lower total cost of ownership. For more information about the Case Management & Tracking System or to schedule a demo, visit or call our Government Account Executive at (800) 859-3390.