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Bill Introduced to Require Federal Inspectors General to Make Findings Public

Posted on April28, 2015
In response to the failures at the Veterans Affairs Department, Rep. Ron Kind (D-Wis) and every other House member from Wisconsin sponsored a bill that would "bar inspectors general in the federal government from keeping from the public the findings of their investigations." The bipartisan sponsorship could help the bill pass more easily. The inspector general at the VA did not release findings of an investigation into opiate prescriptions at facility in Wisconsin. Rep. Kind initiated the complaint that triggered…
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State Department IG Wants More Separation from IT Department

Posted on April24, 2015
Steve Linick, the Inspector General for the State Department, is concerned about the access available to his system by the State Department IT department. At a hearing of the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on State Department management, Linick addressed his concerns about the security of the State Department's computer network. According to Linick, "we've looked at security from a systemic point of view, we really need to be independent from the department." Since the OIG could be investigating individuals with…
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FDIC Inspector General: Agency Needs to Better Combat Hackers

Posted on April20, 2015
The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. needs to do a better job ensuring banks are safe from attacks by hackers, a government watchdog said in a report released earlier this month. The Inspector General found “cyberattack risk” should be an explicit priority for FDIC examiners, something that currently isn’t the case. Read More at The Wall Street Journal.
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DHHS OIG Investigating Generic Drug Prices

Posted on April17, 2015
Members of Congress have requested the Office of Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services look into increases in generic drug prices on the Medicaid drug rebate program. As the cost of prescription drugs increases, brand-named medicine prices have been debated, but not lawmakers want the OIG to look into generic prices as well. Lawmakers are concerned that generic drug prices are increases faster than the inflation rate. In November 2014, data showed "prices for generics…
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SSA OIG Finds Benefit Loophole

Posted on April16, 2015
An audit from the Social Security Administration Office of the Inspector General found the agency was approving disability benefits for "hundreds of Puerto Ricans because they do not speak English, despite the fact that Puerto Rico is a predominantly Spanish-speaking territory." There is a rule to provide assistance to individuals in the United States who cannot read or speak English. The OIG found that this rule was being misapplied to allow benefits in the predominantly Spanish speaking country. The agency…
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State Department IG Finds Top Contractors Discourage Whistleblowers

Posted on April10, 2015
An audit released by the State Department's inspector general reported "that all 30 of the State Department's largest contractors use confidentiality agreements or policies that can curtail the disclosure of information related to wrongdoing within the company." In 2012, the State Department paid these 30 contractors nearly $40 billion. Recently, the Securities and Exchange Commission fined a contractor with similar agreements in place $130,000. The contractors defended themselves by reporting that the agreements had never been enforced against potential whistleblowers.…
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Illinois Executive IG Leaving Office

Posted on April09, 2015
Executive Inspector General Ricardo Meza is leaving the agency this month. The Illinois OIG oversees "allegations of misconduct in the governor's office, 40 state agencies, and public universities." Meza has been in the position for over four-and-a-half years. Meza findings of political hiring wrongdoing plagued former Governor Pat Quinn during his unsuccessful bid for re-election During his time as Inspector General, Meza pushed for more findings and reports to be made public, although the General Assembly never agreed to the…
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New NYPD OIG Releases First Annual Report

Posted on April03, 2015
The New York City Police Department Office of Inspector General has released its first annual report since the office was created in 2013. The report found that 150 complaints were received by the department in 2014. Of the 150 complaints, 93 were referred to other departments including NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau and Civilian Complaint Review Board. 50 of the remaining complaints were closed because "no further action was warranted." Many of the leaders involved in the set up of the…
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Federal Trade Commission Appoints New IG

Posted on April01, 2015
Roslyn A. Mazer has been appointed as the Federal Trade Commission's new Inspector General. Mazer was previously the Inspector General for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. According to FTC Chairwoman Edith Ramirez, "her extensive experience will help to ensure that we continue to operate effectively in our important work on behalf of American consumers." Previous Inspector General Scott Wilson has retired. Read more at
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