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OIG proposed rule: no statute of limitations on certain exclusion actions and other significant changes to exclusion authority

Posted on June30, 2014
Using the proposed rule, the OIG intends to update its exclusion regulations to codify changes made by the Affordable Care Act and other statutory authorities. Chief among the OIG’s proposals is an unlimited time period for bringing an affirmative exclusion action under Section 1128(b)(7) of the Social Security Act(7)). Read the entire article at Lexology
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IRS hearing gets heated over hard drive crash

Posted on June27, 2014
Scrutiny and criticism of the IRS again surged Mon. night as the Treasury's inspector general embarked on a new investigation into thousands of lost e-mails. The Oversight Committee and, last week, the House Ways & Means Committee, called Koskinen to testify after the agency revealed it lost 2 years' worth of e-mails belonging to former IRS administrator Lois Lerner because of a 2011 computer hard drive crash. Read the entire article at WDIV Detroit
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IG says Chicago wasting millions on garbage collection freebie

Posted on June26, 2014
Chicago’s Department of Streets and Sanitation is spending millions of dollars to provide free garbage collection to multiunit residential buildings no longer eligible for the perk and to nonprofits whose garbage freebie was never authorized, the city’s inspector general concluded Monday. In his latest audit, Inspector General Joe Ferguson set out to determine whether buildings benefiting from the free garbage collection perk were still authorized to receive it. Read the entire article at The Chicago Sun-Times
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Homeland Security tops FISMA scorecard. How do they do it?

Posted on June25, 2014
Over the past 18 months, the Homeland Security Department’s Office of Inspector General has established a system of continuous monitoring that's kept the multi-faceted agency at the top of the government’s list of performers in federal IT security standards compliance. The system recently was recognized by ISC2 with a Government Information Security Leadership Award. Read the entire article at
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EPA watchdog says federal board blocking probe into retaliation

Posted on June24, 2014
The Environmental Protection Agency’s internal watchdog, the Office of the Inspector General, has been attempting to investigate whether a “high-level” official in the independent Office of Special Counsel leaked the names of whistleblowers who had reported on abuses and mismanagement at the board. Read the entire article at The Washington Times  
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Inspector general probes Chrysler used by Elzey

Posted on June23, 2014
The State Inspector General’s Office has developed a report about a Chrysler 300 previously driven by South Carolina State University President Thomas Elzey, although the report hasn't yet been released to the public. “In its capacity as the university’s fleet manager, Unicco previously rented a Chrysler 300 vehicle from Enterprise Rental after the president’s state vehicle was involved in an accident,” Bennett said. Read entire article at The
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IG audit finds background checks problematic for federal contractors

Posted on June20, 2014
Overall, new IG report says OPM needs to beef up its oversight of the case review process by USIS and 2 other big background check contractors, KeyPoint Government Solutions and CACI. Auditors also found numerous instances of final reports of investigation that didn’t undergo a final review before the contractors submitted cases to OPM, which handles most of the federal background checks. Read the entire article at Washington Times
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HUD OIG Touts Investigative, Auditing Successes

Posted on June19, 2014
The mandated report covers the period Oct. 1, 2013 to March 31, 2014. 44 audits over the 6 month period. Attorneys' offices and HUD's Office of General Counsel. Losses to the agency of $111,000. Read the entire article at Mortgage News Daily.  
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Inspector general joins VDOT probe of U.S. 460 project

Posted on June18, 2014
The state Inspector General’s Office has joined the Virginia Department of Transportation’s internal probe of the U.S. 460 highway project. His speech will lay out a different approach to setting state transportation priorities than the process that led to the U.S. 460 project, his office said. The contract the VA Department of Transportation signed for the roadway gives the Route 460 Funding Corporation, the third-party nonprofit bond holder with a $250 million investment in the project, the right to seek…
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Feds break up the biggest food stamp scheme in U.S. history

Posted on June16, 2014
Federal and state authorities opened an investigation that lasted longer than two years because of the scope of the food stamp fraud operation. These arrests include 30 people indicted for selling their food stamps and WIC vouchers to the schemers. “This prosecution is one of the largest federal food program frauds ever brought. The Government alleges that the defendants stole taxpayer-funded benefits intended to feed the most needy families and children in our communities,” said US Attorney Edward J. Tarver.…
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