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Budget and resource constraints limiting HHS Inspector General, spokesman says.

Posted on September25, 2013
The Department of Health and Human Services is implementing much of the law, and the HHS Office of Inspector General is tasked with overseeing HHS operations. "Office of Inspector General's mission is to protect the integrity of  Department of Health and Human Services programs as well as the health and welfare program beneficiaries," states the OIG website. Read the entire article at The Washington Free Beacon  
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On health-care fraud, US is pennywise, poundfoolish

Posted on September23, 2013
While the GSK case is a high-water mark, it isn't unusual for health-care fraud cases to recoup millions of dollars. Louis Saccoccio, president of the National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association, a private-public partnership, said the cut to OIG's budget "doesn't make any sense." Cantrell noted that in 2011 Miami resident Duran was sentenced to 50 years in prison for a $205 million Medicaid scam involving his community mental health company American Therapeutic. Please view the entire article at the CNBC website.
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Inspectors General Worried by Tight Budgets, Sequestration

Posted on September18, 2013
A trail-blazing survey of the inspector general community showed wide concern over the impact of budget cuts and sequestration, along with a professed faith in technological tools such as data analytics to help assess risk and curb waste, fraud and abuse. “Financial statement audits provided significant value in the improvement of internal controls and data integrity in financial and other related program areas,” AGA Executive Director Relmond Van Daniker said of the survey results. Please read the entire article at the…
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