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NOLA IG Investigates Recovery Projects

Posted on June25, 2010
NOLA IG, Ed Quatrevaux, is launching an investigation to see what happened with federal and philanthropic funds inteded for the reconstruction of public assets harmed by Hurricane Katrina of 2005.  The neighborhood known as "the poster child for Katrina" has not received the money allocated to it for recovery, Quatrevaux admits.  The community was lied to, but that does not qualify it as fraud.  Quatrevaux indicated that next week he will be able to determine how long it will take to complete the…
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OIG Wants Further Reach for Medicare Frauds

Posted on June21, 2010
This article describes why the OIG of the Department of Health and Human Services is urging congress to allow them to have authority over people who leave a company that has commited Medicare fraud.  Currently, an executive can leave a company and find a new job while the fruad falls only on the company itself.
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Homeland Security Facing Security Issues

Posted on June17, 2010
The computer systems for Homland Security has been reported to be vulnerable.  The Homeland Security Department is risking sensitive information according to the inspector general.  Security weaknesses are present in a number of computer systems. "Customs and Border Control; Immigration and Customs Enforcement; and the Science and Technology division, including missing security patches, weak passwords and a lack of access controls that prevent unauthorized users from opening sensitive applications." Read more about the security issues: Follow up article:
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IG says GSA needs to rely on electronic tools

Posted on June15, 2010
"The General Services Administration should rely more on electronic tools to reduce the number of mistakes and unauthorized approvals in its Multiple Award Schedule contracts, the agency's inspector general said." (Source: article) Does your IG have needs that need to be met by technology?
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DHS Staff Crimes Listed

Posted on June14, 2010
The crimes of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) employees and contractors were convicted of in fiscal year 2009 can be seen in the OIG's report.  The report served the purpose of a reminder to DHS employees not to betray the public trust.
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Metra Continues to Sort Through IG Difficulties

Posted on June14, 2010
To follow up on the story of the wrongdoings regarding the Metra IG and Phil Pagano, read this Daily Herald article.
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CIA In Need of an IG

Posted on June08, 2010
The CIA is in need of an inspector general.  This candidate doesn't need to understand the "intelligence world" but knowing the culture of the CIA may be beneficial.  The position requires the person to work with the Congress' intelligence committees.   This article states that "the federal government has 69 inspector general positions, 11 of them vacant, including at the State Department, according to the Council of Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency."
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Illegal Actions by Former DCJS Examiner

Posted on June04, 2010
Officials from the state Inspector General's Office said Jacqueline Hankle, Division of Criminal Justice Services examiner, improperly used the state fingerprint system to research 22 people while she was working as a DCJS latent fingerprint examiner.  She was charged with computer trespass, a felony, and official misconduct. Investigators said she conducted 209 unauthorized searches of 22 individuals from 2000 to 2008, including 90 times to research her nephew's ex-wife, who told investigators she lost custody of her daughter after her former husband…
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Critiques on Preparedness of WMD Attack

Posted on June03, 2010 reports that the Justice Department IG has applauded the FBI in its readiness in regards to a potential WMD attack while criticizing the rest of the Justice Department.  The DOJ's main mission is to prevent an attack from happening rather than responding to one, but the IG goes on to report how they are not fully prepared.  Read more about other possible weaknesses of a response to a real WMD terrorist attack.
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American Business Corporation (ABC) and Job Corps Report

Posted on June01, 2010
"The OIG found that placement outcomes reported by ABC for program years 2003 and 2004 were not reliable and a significant number of invalid placements were claimed. We found unsupported job and educational placements; inadequate documentation of compliance with Job Corps requirements; and confirmed cases of signature forgeries on educational placement verification forms. One of the reasons this occurred was that the procedures the Atlanta Regional Office used to monitor ABC placement activities were not effective and the placement verification processes had systemic weaknesses.…
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