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Dept of Defense IG Report on Terrorism

Posted on May28, 2010
"Buried within the new Department of Defense Inspector General’s report, 'Contingency Contracting: A Framework for Reform,' is the eye-opening revelation that the Defense Criminal Investigative Service has nine open investigations into alleged 'Terrorism-Related Acts' by 'U.S. contractor personnel, U.S. Military, Government personnel.' No other details are provided. DCIS is the criminal investigative agency working for the DoD’s Inspector General." Read the entire article here.
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Chicago Metra News Regarding Phil Pagano

Posted on May27, 2010
Phil Pagano, former Executive Director of the Metra commuter rail service since 1990, is being investigated for misusing federal funds.  U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin revealed he asked Calvin L. Scovel III, inspector general of the U.S. Transportation Department, to investigate whether federal funds were misused.  He has since committed suicide.  Due to recent scandal, the firm Hillard Heintze has been appointed to act as the inspector general of the Metra.  The role needed to be filled because of the executive director.A…
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Fraud & Abuse in Chicago Construction Contracts

Posted on May21, 2010
"An investigation has uncovered fraud and abuse in a Chicago program aimed at helping minority-owned businesses. The Office of the Inspector General of Chicago found the number of construction contracts for minority and women owned businesses were over reported by the city in 2008. That means minority businesses got $19 million less than what they were supposed to get. The report says that could mean a loss of as much as $400 million since 1995. The inspector general says fraud,…
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IG appointments get changed by Senate

Posted on May19, 2010
This article reads: "WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) - The Senate late Tuesday approved a measure that would void a provision in a sweeping bank reform bill requiring the inspector generals at five government financial agencies be presidentially appointed. The measure, which passed by a vote of 75 to 21, partially restores the existing system where inspector generals are appointed by top agency officials. However, the measure makes some changes. Agencies with bipartisan boards or commissions, inspector generals would be appointed by the…
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OIGs want case management system while being cost-conscious

Posted on May13, 2010
The Case Management and Tracking Systems (CMTS) was developed to provide a comprehensive and customizable method for tracking Office of Inspector General (OIG) cases.  In today's organizations, whether they are large, medium or small, are very budget conscious.  Would you like an idea of a cost-benefit ratio that would help prove that using the Case Management and Tracking System represents an opportunity to be good stewards of tax payer's dollars?  Some of those investment benefits are listed here. The Case…
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Palm Beach Selects its First Inspector General

Posted on May11, 2010
The Palm Beach Post released an article regarding the county's first Inspector General.  Currently she is the IG of the Florida Department of Children & Families.  When being asked about how she is going to serve the county and help change its image of corruption: "It's about transparency," she told the panel. "The more you give them, the more you show them, the more you can prove that you really are here to help. ... Independence is really about someone…
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LAPD Chooses New Inspector General

Posted on May06, 2010
Nicole Bershon has been selected the new Inspector General of the LA Police Department.  Prior to becoming the IG, she served as the Assistant Inspector General.  Read about what the Mayor has to say about the selection, here.
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Gov Strickland Questions IG Report

Posted on May04, 2010
"Yesterday, Strickland strongly rejected allegations in a report by state Inspector General Thomas P. Charles that Public Safety Director Cathy Collins-Taylor lied under oath, saying 'she's done nothing wrong.'" Click here to read the article titled, "Governor hits back at Inspector General" and see how Governor Ted Strickland and his attorney are questioning the integrity of the IG's allegations in a report that Public Safety Director Cathy Collins-Taylor lied under oath.
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