OIG report highlights concerns with FDA’s computer network

Posted on October24, 2014
An audit of the FDA’s computer network immediately after a cybersecurity breach last year detected vulnerabilities in the agency’s system. The report, released Tuesday by the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Inspector General, said investigators weren’t able to gain unauthorized access to the FDA network. However, they found problems that could allow unauthorized users to view or change FDA data and cause key FDA systems to go unavailable. See more at FEDSCOOP.

Inspector General: Red-Light Camera Program Management ‘Fundamentally Deficient’ Under Redflex

Posted on October17, 2014
Chicago Inspector General Joseph Ferguson’s office released its review of the city’s red-light camera network under former manager Redflex Traffic Solutions Friday morning. To the surprise of few, the OIG found management of the program by Redflex and the city to be lacking, while the source of spikes in ticket issuances from a dozen cameras in the network that prompted the review remain a mystery. To continue reading this story click here.

Meet Fort Leonard Wood’s first Female Inspector General

Posted on October14, 2014
Fort Leonard Wood's Office of the Inspector General has a female at the helm -- a first for the installation. Lt. Col. Teresa Schlosser, command Inspector General and 20 year Army engineer, has been the IG since August. "As a female engineer, there already aren't very many of us at this rank. It's kind of cool to be the first female IG on post. I didn't even think about it at first, then we saw a list from the last…

DHS OIG: FEMA’s $247 Million Supply Chain System Inadequate

Posted on October09, 2014
Significant flaws in the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) $247 million disaster relief system may hamper an effective response to a catastrophic disaster, according to a recent audit by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Office of the Inspector General (OIG). “One of FEMA’s prime missions is to immediately provide survivors with three days’ worth of basic emergency supplies,” said Inspector General John Roth. “As presently configured, this supply chain system is not up to that task.” Read more at…

Texas Sunset Commission Critical of HHS, Recommends Overhaul

Posted on October07, 2014
In a blistering 225-page report on the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, the Texas Sunset Advisory Commission recommended that the state’s health and human services system undergo a massive overhaul. In one instance, for nearly five years, a state contractor — the Texas Medicaid and Healthcare Partnership — allowed workers with limited expertise to approve millions of dollars in dental and orthodontic claims. Now, the federal government says Texas is responsible for paying it back, because the state agency…

How to Gain Funding for Projects at Government Agencies

Posted on September30, 2014
At many agencies, finding a great product to boost efficiency or improve results is far easier than the process to acquire the product. The economic downturn forced local and state governments to rein in spending, while the sequester had a similar effect at federal agencies. Additionally, Inspectors General offices face unique scrutiny – complex procurement processes are often put in place to protect against the perception of favoritism towards suppliers. There’s good news too, though. The more specific the procurement…

Afghanistan Reconstruction IG: $6.5 Million in phone towers unused

Posted on September25, 2014
The top U.S. watchdog in Afghanistan wants answers on why the U.S. spent $6.5 million on six communication towers that aren’t being used and have so far led to one fatality. According to a letter from John F. Sopko, special inspector general for Afghanistan reconstruction, the State Department pressed ahead with the towers despite doubts about their usefulness to the Afghans and opposition from the Pentagon. Read more at The Washington Times

EPA IG finds 90% of Diesel Reduction stimulus program was misspent

Posted on September23, 2014
Over 90 percent of funding for a diesel reduction program paid for by the stimulus law was misspent, according to a report by the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Office of Inspector General (OIG). An audit analyzing $26.3 million in funding to non-profit organizations and state governments meant to reduce truck emissions and create jobs found that the program had “significant financial management issues.” Read more at Fox News

Citizens Property Insurance Corp. IG finds no ethics rules violations in recent departures

Posted on September18, 2014
  The Citizens Property Insurance Corporation's Inspector General Bruce Meeks found no improprieties in how three former executives left for employment with private firms that have ties to the state-backed insurer. However, Meeks recommended the insurer should consider clarifying parts of its ethics code, expand post-employment restrictions at the management level and include post-employment rules as part of ethics training for leadership. Read more at the Miami Herald.  

Jacksonville’s City Council members want inspector general’s oversight to extend outside City Hall

Posted on September15, 2014
When it comes to identifying fraud, waste and abuse, some City Council members want to make sure the oversight isn’t just limited to City Hall. That’s why several council members pushing for the creation of an Office of Inspector General want to ensure if the watchdog office is created, it applies to all reaches of government — including the independent authorities, boards and constitutional officers.   Read More at The Daily Record.