OIG Makes $30.1 million Recommendation to CMS

Posted on April28, 2016
The Office of Inspector General has restated its recommendation to The Centers of Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) that they should match Medicaid reimbursement rates for HME to Medicare rates. Lowered reimbursement rates could result in approximately $30.1 million in potential savings for states and the federal government, according to the OIG. CMS concurred with the OIG’s recommendation. The agency says it has sought legislative authority to make the changes but additional congressional action is needed. Read More: HME News

Michael Missal is the New Inspector General for the Department of Veterans Affairs

Posted on April22, 2016
During the week of April 20th, 2016, the Senate unanimously voted in Michael Missal as the new Inspector General for the Department of Veterans Affairs. The vote comes at a time of reform at the VA, two years after it became embroiled in the latest ongoing scandal involving extended patient wait times, and VA medical centers were caught destroying or altering data to cover up veterans were waiting for months or even years for appointments with doctors. Some veterans died…
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Department of Health and Human Services Failed to Implement Inspector General Recommendations

Posted on April15, 2016
The Department of Health and Human Services' was warned by their OIG back in 2013 about not having enough security measures in place to prevent health record fraud. But despite these warnings in December 2013, the HHS still has not adequately tackled the issue of hospitals failing to employ safeguards and prevent electronic health record fraud and abuse via recommended tools already in place, OIG says. Former hospital chief financial officer Joe White, was ordered to pay $4.4 million in…
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Inspector General Reports Massachusetts Lost $1 Million in Toll Revenue

Posted on April08, 2016
The Office of Inspector General reported that Massachusetts lost nearly $1 million in toll revenue because they allowed employees, and retirees of the Massachusetts DOT to pass through tollbooths without paying. The report stated that more than $985,000 was lost in toll revenue between Nov. 1, 2009 and Aug. 31, 2015. MassDOT employees, retirees and employees of other public agencies were given non-revenue transponders and paid Massachusetts Turnpike Authority cards to pass through toll plazas without paying. Jack Meyers, senior…

OIG Finds that the Department of Veteran’s Affairs has Failed to Meet Several Health IT Security Protocols

Posted on March24, 2016
The Department of Veteran's Affairs (VA), has failed to meet several health IT security protocols that are part of the Federal Information Security Management Act and Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA). This happened during their efforts to update its Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture (VISTA). This all came public knowledge during a hearing held last week when Brent Arronte of the VA gave the Office of the Inspector General’s testimony, stating that VA has failed to…
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Florida Governor Removes Broward Health Chairman for Interference in IG Investigation

Posted on March24, 2016
Gov. Rick Scott suspended the chairman of the Broward Health board and the chairman of its audit committee Friday, after his inspector general expressed "grave concerns" about interference by board members into a state investigation of the public hospital system. The decision to suspend two of the seven board members, all appointed by the governor, came in response to a recommendation Friday from Melinda M. Miguel, the state's chief inspector general, who detailed extensive concerns about the board obstructing her…

OIG Found That DOT Didn’t Conduct Annual Contingency Plan Testing

Posted on March18, 2016
According to the OIG, they found that the disaster recovery plans used for the U.S. Department of Transportation were not in compliance with their own policies. This new audit by the DOT's Inspector General's office examined the disaster recovery plans for DOT agencies' information systems. Effective disaster recovery planning is critical to maintain more than 450 information systems currently used by the department. In addition, the DOT agencies have not all effectively tested their plans to ensure they will work…
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Inspector General Revealed that the Sewerage and Water Board has Major Money Problems

Posted on March11, 2016
The New Orleans Inspector General Ed Quatrevaux released a report on March 9, 2016 that states that the Sewerage & Water Board failed to follow up on delinquent accounts. It stated that this was happening because of the lack of training and awareness of the collections policy. Those delinquent accounts, which were probed in early 2014, totaled more than $10 million. Cedric Grant, Executive Director of the Sewerage and Water Board, rejected Quatrevaux’s findings. “We try to work with [delinquent…
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Inspector General’s Report Reveals “A Stunning Indictment of the Department of Education’s Oversight of Student Loan Servicers..”

Posted on March04, 2016
According to a report released on March 1, 2016 by the Education Department's Inspector General, the agency conducted a review of its student loan servicers but it was deeply flawed, and they knowingly misled the public about the results. The charges being leveled against the department stem from an audit administered after the Justice Department fined student loan servicer Navient Solutions $60 million in 2014 for unlawfully charging active-duty service members high interest rates on student loans. To ensure the…
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Bill Passed To Create Office of Inspector General for Government of Idaho

Posted on February26, 2016
A bipartisan inspector general bill has been passed by the House State Affairs Committee to create an office of inspector general for the government of Idaho. This legislation was co-sponsored by Rep. John Rusche, D-Moscow, and Representative Lynn Luker, R-Boise. This new office will handle and receive all complaints of waste, fraud or corruption within the government. “Currently, there’s nowhere for an employee or another who has concern about fraud, waste or misuse to take the complaint,” Rusche told the…