Procurement Tip: Demonstrate Your Project’s Value Early In the Process

Posted on September23, 2016
A recent blog post covered some ways to get ahead of the curve during the procurement process.  Another way to make the procurement process go more smoothly is to demonstrate the project’s value in ways that are clear to procurement staff. As an expert in your functional area, you have a much better understanding than anyone in the procurement department of how a project will help your team. Taking the time to thoroughly spell out the benefits is often the…

Does Your Mission Statement Serve a Purpose?

Posted on September15, 2016
In June, The Balance ran an article on the worst retail company mission statements.  The Balance is a financial site – the reason they posted this article was that these companies’ bad mission statements were reflective of the fact that they had no idea what mission they were actually serving. These mission statements were making them so ineffective that they were bad investments. A powerful mission statement can help drive results - but most mission statements don't.  This is because…

Procurement Tip: Plan Ahead

Posted on September09, 2016
Unfortunately, due to small budgets many IG offices don’t have the opportunity to frequently work with procurement offices. We recently offered a webinar on how to navigate the procurement process, and one of the most important factors we discussed was getting ahead of the procurement process, rather than letting the process hold you back from meeting your procurement goals. Here are a few suggestions for how you can get an early start on several steps of the procurement process: Don’t…

NYPD’s Inspector General: “Broken Windows” Policy Doesn’t Work

Posted on June23, 2016
NYPD's Police Commissioner, Bill Bratton, believes in "broken windows" policing. This policy is all about targeting the low-level quality-of-life-crimes, in hopes of reducing more serious crimes. However, the NYPD's Inspector General says that this doesn't work. The Office of the Inspector General conducted an independent examination of more than 2 million quality-of-life criminal summonses and misdemeanor arrests between 2010 and 2015. During that time, the number of quality-of-life summonses dramatically declined but felony crime did not increase. The NYPD's response…
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Brevard County Citizen Requests Inspector General, Commissioners Against the Idea

Posted on June15, 2016
A citizen that lives in Brevard County, Florida requested that the county government, establish an Inspector General position. The majority of the commissioners implied they were against the idea with a no vote on the proposal. Viera resident Pam La Salle asked commissioners to put the proposal for the inspector general on the November ballot for residents to consider. “I would like it because it’s going to give us better government,” La Salle said. County Commissioner Trudie Infantini said she…
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FDA Officials Lack Urgency with Recall of Contaminated Food

Posted on June09, 2016
Officials from the Food and Drug Administration failed to force a quick recall of peanut butter and almond food products after the confirmation of salmonella contamination. Despite new legal powers to compel recalls and sophisticated technology to fingerprint pathogens, the Food and Drug Administration allowed some food-safety investigations to drag on, placing consumers in jeopardy of death or serious illness, according to the inspector general's office at the Department of Health and Human Services. In an unusual urgent warning called…
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Former Legislative Inspector General to Head Project Six

Posted on June03, 2016
The former Chicago City Council Inspector General, Faisal Khan, is back in the investigative seat. He served as City Council's Legislative watchdog and is now heading up Project Six, a new government monitoring organization. Project Six describes itself as an "independent, non-profit organization dedicated to investigating, exposing and ending government corruption in Chicago and across Illinois." It was initiated by and is affiliated with the libertarian-leaning think tank Illinois Policy Institute, an organization that has received more than $500,000 from…
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Steve Rohan Named Interim Inspector General for Jacksonville, FL

Posted on May31, 2016
Jacksonville's Inspector General has resigned so former city hall attorney, Steve Rohan, has been named the interim inspector general. Steve Rohan, who retired in 2012 after working 30 years in the city’s Office of General Counsel in a variety of positions, will lead the office until September. He is stepping in after the resignation of Thomas Cline. The independent office was created in 2014 and is responsible for investigating fraud, waste and abuse in city government. While Rohan doesn’t have…

Broward County School Board Wants to Hire Inspector General

Posted on May20, 2016
On May 17, 2016, members of the Broward County School Board asked their staff to investigate the idea of hiring an inspector general. Board member Laurie Rich Levinson, who brought forward the idea, said extra scrutiny was needed as the district starts construction work through its $800 million voter-approved bond. She also pointed to recent issues, including a $3.5 million budget shortfall in the district's police department. Other board members agreed extra layers of oversight would be beneficial. "We're being…
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OIG Report, NASA Can Still Improve Their Risk Assessment Process to Identify Improper Payments

Posted on May13, 2016
NASA's Office of Inspector General reports that NASA has met all the appropriate Office of Management and Budget (OMB) criteria for the ACT of fiscal year 2015. However, there is still belief that the agency can improve it's risk assessment process to help detect improper payments. In fiscal year (FY) 2015, the Federal Government made an estimated $137 billion in improper payments to individuals, organizations, and contractors, an increase of approximately $12 billion from FY 2014. An improper payment is…
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